Oil based conditioner used to soften old, dried out and hard leathers.

 • Ideal for softening old, hard and brittle leathers

 • Suitable for all types of leather

 • Quick and easy to use

 • Extends any leather items functional life

 • Cost effective alternative to purchasing replacements for old leather items

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Leather Revive is a water based oil emulsion that forms a rich cream-like product that revives older leathers that have become hard, brittle and dried out.

When applied to leather, the product penetrates the surface, coating each individual fibre with a balanced application of natural oil making the leather much softer.

Sometimes older leathers can crack after being re-coloured; it doesn’t matter how flexible the coloured coating is, if the leather beneath it cracks, the coloured coating will follow suit, causing your job to fail.

By applying Leather Revive, you can soften the leather enough so that it doesn’t crack, which not only makes a repair last much longer, but provides greater comfort when used.

The product can be used independently, or it can be used during the restoration process to soften leather before making any repairs or applying colour or finish.

Leather Revive can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types.

  Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
  Pigmented / Top Coat Leather
  Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
  BiCast Leather
  Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Apply a generous coating of Leather Revive to the leather and massage in using your hands. It is important to very thoroughly flex and scrunch the leather in order to work the Leather Revive through all the fibres. Manipulating the leather like this works the Leather Revive right the way through the leather providing equal coverage to all fibres.

After doing this, apply another generous coating of leather revive to the leather with a cloth and cover in cling film. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight for best results. This coat will slowly penetrate the leather softening it further.

Using a damp cloth, thoroughly wash any excess revive off the surface of the leather. Buff with a dry cloth to further remove any residues.

If the leather stills feel hard at this stage, keep repeating the above procedure but put extra effort into massaging the Leather Revive into the leather.