Extremely hard wearing and scuff resistant leather finish.

Spray the Finish onto leather after applying Leather Colourant for a long lasting repair.

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The PU leather finish is water based and so non hazardous and non flammable. Based on an adaption of our polyurethane binder, once set, this leather finish is extremely hard wearing and long lasting. Its a clear thin liquid that is easy to apply and offers superior scuff and scratch resistance compared to standard leather finishes.

 • Very Hard Wearing - Seals colour in and keeps it there!

 • High flexibility & soft natural touch.

 • Clear finish available in matt, semi-matt, satin & gloss.

 • Water Based - Non Hazardous & Non Flammable

 • Scuff & scratch resistant

The finish has been designed to seal colour in after applying colour to a leathers surface. The finish far exceeds standard lacquers in both wet & dry rub fastness so you can be sure your colour is thoroughly sealed in. It also feels soft and natural on the leather, it does not make the leather feel like plastic or artificial in anyway. In fact it further adds and improves the touch and texture on leather, it has a very smooth, soft and silky feel, very natural and very appealing to customers.

 • Ideal for manufacturers of antique finished leathers. Apply the finish after rubbing off the colour for long lasting protection.
 • Perfect to seal in colour after making a repair.
 • Available ready to use. Just spray it on.
A must in the automotive industry where rub fastness is crucial. This product will greatly increase the leathers life span.