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Strong solvent cleaner used to remove the manufacturers finish from leather.

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The leather prep is used to remove the manufactured finish from leather. It also removes any solvent soluble waxes, oils & silicones, which unless removed could cause adhesion problems when colouring at later stages.

An essential part of any recolouring or restoration process, it is incredibly effective at stripping away all layers of finish when used in conjunction with an abrasive pad or cloth.

Leather Prep is suitable for use on furniture, car interiors, clothes, footwear, handbags and accessories.

An incredibly powerful remover, it is designed for use on:

 • Pigmented Leather
 Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Apply the Prep using a cloth or abrasive pad

The main use of the Leather Prep is to remove old, worn and hardened coatings on leather. Often, as with the example on the left, when leather is cracked it isn’t actually the leather that has cracked, but the coatings covering the leather.
Simply wet the leather with the Prep and rub with the pad, the Prep will start to emulsify the old coating and the pad will loosen it. If the leather isn’t badly damaged it doesn’t require such drastic action. The leather can be simply wiped down with a cloth dampened in prep. Either way you should expect to see the colour being transferred onto your cloth or pad.
Once prepped the leather can be sanded & repaired

Using the Leather Prep and an Abrasive Pad to remove the manufactured coating, will remove much, if not all of the cracking, making the leather look much better & feel a great deal softer.
The leather can now be sanded smooth and any damage to the leather can be repaired.


Removing the old coatings make for a much better end result, not only in terms of appearance, but also for touch & comfort when used.
The alternative method to repair an old seat like this would be to fill the cracks and apply even more colour and finish on top. This will result in a plastic like finish, and the leather would be even harder! Not softer.
The image to the left shows the finished result. After stripping away the original finish and with repairs made, a new coating of colour and finish was applied giving the leather a natural look, and silky soft feel.
You can see that in this example of leather that has been prepped, that the prep hasn't removed much colour, but it has greatly cleaned the leather and also removed the creases and cracks. This is because the majority of the damage on the leather is in the painted layer, and so when we prep the leather, we reduce the painted layer and so soften and smooth the leather.